OK TAMAM Services

Agencies Department Services

Joining the OK TAMAM family and our partners’ program is one of the best decisions that you can make, whether you were a company or a person

As our services provided to companies and individuals allows them to do work and benefit financially from the many services offered in different fields

OK TAMAM has been working in the services fields in general since 1992, which gives the company an advantage over other newly established services companies, which enabled us to establish agencies department for the partners who wish to provide our services worldwide, whether they were individuals or companies

Companies will be able to add new services, and fields, and extend their business

Individuals will be able to provide complete services without the need to establish a company

Our services in the educational field OK TAMAM Group won the title of the best educational agency for several different years, where the success journey has started

CRM system

CRM system is easy to use for applying to Turkish, Malaysian, European universities, and other countries in addition to language institutes.

Two teams to process incoming applications as quickly as possible

  • CL 1

    To review and check the applications to make sure everything goes well
  • CL 2

    For direct communication with the universities and uploading acceptance letters

Technical Support Team

A technical support team is available all the time in case of any questions or facing any kind of problems


(OTAS) enables you to follow up on students, check the latest news related to universities, and provide statistics that help you improve performance in addition to other advantages.

Obtaining Visa

Supporting the students to obtain their visas by communicating with the university to provide all possible means.

Easy communication

Easy communication with work teams through the system or other means.

universities News

An updated announcements section to inform our partners about the last news about the universities.

legal procedures

Full guidance for legal procedures.

commission system

A unique and fair commission system

marketing consultancy

Providing marketing consultancy and advertising materials.

Discounts for students

Discounts for students through our exclusive contracts with different universities

What are you waiting for to be part of the largest educational entity in Turkey to apply and obtain admissions to various Turkish and international universities?
We support our partners to provide the best possible service to students

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Our services in the Companies Establishment field

OK TAMAM has established more than 1,000 companies for different purposes and in different activities, as Turkey is considered one of the best destinations for businessmen

Now, you can benefit from OK TAMAM services that make establishing companies for your potential clients simple and easy, through our full knowledge of the Turkish rules, regulations, and laws.

  • Finishing the company establishment procedures within two working days only.
  • Extracting all company's documents from the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Taxation Department, and extracting the company's official stamp
  • Opening the company's bank account in different currencies
  • Provides the virtual address for free, and it is a 100% legal address that can be used until starts working.
  • Free financial and legal guidance for two years after the establishment through a team of legal experts.
  • OK TAMAM’s team will provide full assistance during the writing of the company's contract, reviewing it, and providing advice.
  • Applying for the merchant card for the investor.
  • The company's accounting book, which costs up to $200 annually, is free for the first year of the company's establishment.
  • 1000 personal cards in order to start your business professionally.
  • A domain name for the company's website that contains ( .tr ), in addition to hosting your website on OK Tammam's private servers for a period of up to two years for free.
  • Appointing a chartered accountant and suggesting some names of trusted legal accountants in Turkey.
  • Assisting in trademark registration and protection.
  • Searching for the appropriate headquarters.
  • Registering the company on Google's website, and Google Maps.
  • 50% discount on the company's website and mobile application design
  • Providing commercial franchises

Our services in the Students Services field

OK TAMAM seeks to provide all services for students to ensure their legal presence, and to finalize all procedures related to registration, residence, and others.

So far, we have helped more than 2,500 students complete all their procedures.

Services offered to students:

A paid mobile SIM card for three months

Accompany the student to the university and complete the registration procedures

Possibility to receive the family from the airport.

Documents translation and passport

Applying for the tax number

Getting the student card of transportation

S’aide visa card

Possibility of hotel reservation

Finishing family residency procedures

Reception from the airport

Finishing the residency procedures of online application, paying taxes, health insurance, and others.

Doing equivalency certificate process.

Opening a bank account for the student

Accompany the student at the certificate equivalency date

Partnership Advantage with OK TAMAM GROUP

Different Services, Better Clients Your company won’t lose any clients anymore, as OK TAMAM will provide you the assistance to grow your business in many fields, including Education and Business Consultancy services.

Entering global markets Every growth of OK TAMAM in any country will be considered an expansion of your company.

Reduce Operating Expenses We have 100+ active employees in different countries working to help you and your clients. You won’t need many employees anymore to process your business. Build your sales and marketing teams, and we will cover the operations headache for you. Remember, your success is our success!

20+ Years of Experience Our experiences through the past years will be available for you, which means our team will be always available to guide you and reduce the probability of any mistakes during your business journey.

An easy CRM system for applying to universities "OTAS" OTAS also provides you with the necessary information to answer your students' questions. In addition to the ability to follow up on the status of the student during the registration at the university, and provide statistics that help develop your work.

Less Risk, More Regions, long-term Success You won’t be exposed to investment risks when you plan to expand your business in other countries. OK TAMAM Group operates and works with many institutions/partners around the world and being our partner will allow you to use this opportunity in growing your potential customers and profit.

A technical support team to follow up In case of any inquiries, you will find the technical support team to answer, help, and provide the necessary advice as soon as possible.

Consultations and support to develop your business Providing the necessary advice during work that contributes to developing your business and increasing productivity

Work more. Earn more Each service that OK TAMAM provides to you, you will get paid for it. A fair and clear commission system that brings you more interest and profit.

The ability to work remotely The possibility of transferring your profit to your bank account.

Partnership with OK TAMAM GROUP

  • Entering Global Markets 
  • Different Services, Better Clients 
  • 20+ Years of Experience 
  • Reduce Operating Expenses 
  • CRM system is easy to use
  • Less Risk, More Regions, long-term Success 
  • Consulting support and development
  • Technical support teams to follow up on the work
  • Commissions for education services, company establishment, etc.

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