Learn about the OTAS system


What is the OTAS system?

OTAS is the admission system of the OK TAMAM group, which allows you to reach more than 200 universities around the world, whether in Turkey, Canada, America, Malaysia, and other countries.

Through OTAS system, you will be able to obtain all the information within seconds, and you will not need to hire employees with great experience in order to have a successful educational company. Through OTAS system you can find information about universities, specializations, terms of application, prices, and commission rates, and you can also create your own agent system.

OTAS system also allows you to give price offers to your customers, follow up on your commissions, and follow up on the status of each student.

Advanced search system

OTAS system provides a full detailed search system where you can find the appropriate university for your students. 

The system allows you to search by country, program, or language of study. You can also specify the percentage of expenses and specific cities. 

You can do multiple searches, for example, you can search for Universities in Turkey and Malaysia for the program in Business Administration or Engineering, which are taught in Arabic or English, and you will get accurate results showing the price of the program before the discount, and the discount for OK TAMAM and its partners, as well as your commission percentage in case of the student registers and other advantages.

A file for each student

OTAS system makes a file for each student, as the system allows you to apply to more than one university for one student, which allows you to provide distinguished services to your students. You will also find all student applications and the status of each application.

Follow up on all your students from one place

OTAS is your personal assistant, which enables you to manage your educational company with us easily and at the lowest costs. 

By browsing the Student Management page, you will be able to make a complete filter for your students. You can specify students of a specific nationality or students at a certain stage, and you can also view all students who have received a letter of acceptance, This page was built to allow you to work very effectively and without the need to use other help programs.

Inclusive Reports

OTAs provide you with detailed reports on the operations in your company, where you can enter the reports page and get the latest reports of your company.

Such as who is your best employee, how many new students have you registered, who is the fastest employee, and how many students have paid, allows you t obtains this information in PDF format if you want to display it to anyone within the company, and you can also specify specific time periods to obtain reports.

Price Offers

You can now present price offers in a short period of time to your students, as the system allows you to make a search process and you can export it as a PDF with your company logo and contact numbers.

For example, if one of the students asked for universities that teach medicine in English, all you have to do is Search in OTAS and submit the price offer that contains all universities that study medicine according to the specifications requested by your client, as well as the price of the specialization before and after the discount, and whether it is possible to apply or not.

Acceptance letter in minutes

Students, in general, prefer to get their acceptance as soon as possible. OTAS system is used by more than 15 Turkish universities, which connects you directly with universities. Once you apply to the system, it automatically sends it to the university, which in turn provides you with acceptance within a few minutes and without the need to wait for several days.

A search engine within your site

You will now be able to have a search engine and a complete registration system for your students within your website without the need for any intervention from you.

By adding the OTAS currently designated for the WordPress sites, You can install the add-on and get a complete registration system within your website, where students can search and register on more than one university automatically.

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