Get to know OK TAMAM group

Because you deserve the best

Who we are

OK TAMAM Group is a Kuwaiti group founded in 1992 under the name of Saad Al-Khayyat Company. The group started its business in the commercial real estate sector and became one of the largest companies in Kuwait that have and operates large commercial complexes, since then, it began to expand in many countries such as Turkey – Egypt – Malaysia – Azerbaijan – Nigeria.

OK TAMAM started its business in the educational services sector under the name OK TAMAM Group, and the group’s organizers decided to choose the logo “Because you deserve the best.” And they believed in this, as everyone here will work for you because you deserve the best, the best in the field of education and investment services.

OK TAMAM Services

OK TAMAM provides many services not only in the field of students but in other fields such as investment, import-export, and real estate.

Educational services

OK TAMAM provides its educational services in many countries such as England – Turkey – the United States – Poland and Malaysia.

Company Establishment

OK TAMAM Group provides company Establishment services in Turkey – Azerbaijan – Poland and the United States of America.

Financial Services

OK TAMAM provides financial services through our subsidiary company “S-aeda”, which provides money transfer services.

Programming and Marketing Services

OK TAMAM group has a specialized team in programming, which provide professional programming services such as blockchain

OK TAMAM Certifications

OK TAMAM Partners

OK TAMAM Headquarters and Locations

OK TAMAM has many official offices in TurkeyKuwaitEgyptAzerbaijanLibya and representative offices in other countries such as Jordan, SaudiArabia, Qatar, Tunisia, and Morocco







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